Here are Six Top Health Benefits of Guava Fruits and Leaves

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Health Benefits of Guava and Guava Leaves

Posted on Feb 02, 2021
Health Benefits of Guava and Guava Leaves
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Guavas are sultry trees founding in Central America.

Their fruits are egg-shaped with light green or yellow skin and contain nutritious seeds. What’s more, guava petals are used as green tea and leaf extract as a supplement. Guava fruits are amazingly loaded in antioxidants, vitamin C, potassium, and fibre. This unique nutrient content gives them many health advantages.

Here are six top health benefits of guava fruits and leaves,

Lowers Blood Sugar

Some data suggest that guava can enhance blood sugar control. Some animal studies found that guava leaf extract enhanced blood sugar levels, long-term blood sugar control, and insulin protection. It is good news for people with diabetes or those at risk. A few studies concerning humans have also shown remarkable results. Drinking guava leaf tea lowered blood sugar levels after a meal. The effects lasted up to two hours.

Note Guava extract may help better blood sugar level in people with diabetes or those at risk.

Betters Heart Health

Guavas may better heart health in several forms. Many scientists believe that the high levels of antioxidants and vitamins in guava leaves may help protect your heart from damage by free radicals. The higher levels of potassium and soluble fibre in guavas are also considered to improve heart health. Since high blood pressure and high LDL cholesterol levels are linked to higher risks of heart disease and stroke, taking guava leaf extract could lead to valuable benefits.

Note Guava fruit or leaf extract may positively affect heart health by lowering blood pressure, decreasing bad cholesterol, and increasing good cholesterol.

Relieves From Menstruation Pain

Many women feel stomach cramps. However, there is some evidence that guava leaf extract may reduce the pain intensity of menstrual cramps. A study in 197 women who experienced painful symptoms found that taking 6 mg of guava leaf extract resulted in reduced pain intensity. It appeared to be even more potent than some painkillers. Guava leaf extract is also considered to help mitigate uterine cramps. It also betters the women menstruation cycles.

Note Taking guava leaf extract may help decrease symptoms of painful menstruation, including cramps.

Betters Digestive System

Guavas are an invaluable source of dietary fibre. Therefore, eating more guavas may aid healthful bowel actions and stop constipation. Just one guava can provide 12% of your suggested daily intake of fibre. Additionally, guava leaf extract may help digestive strength. Studies suggest that it may reduce the intensity and duration of diarrhoea. Several studies have also shown that guava leaf extract is antimicrobial. It means that it can neutralize toxic microbes in your gut that can produce diarrhoea.

Note Consuming guavas or guava leaf extract may block or reduce diarrhoea and constipation.

Beneficial in Weight Loss

Guavas are weight-loss-friendly food. With only 37 calories in one intake and 12% of your suggested daily fibre intake, they are a filling, low-calorie snack. Unlike some other low-calorie snacks are packed with vitamins and minerals — so you aren’t missing out on essential nutrients. One of the best fruits consumed for weight loss process.

Note Guavas are full of fibre and low in calories, implying that they may help you feel full and aid in weight loss.

Natural Immunity Booster

Low levels of vitamin C are linked to an increased risk of diseases and illness. Guavas are an excellent way to get this nutrient, as they’re one of the richest food sources of vitamin C.

One guava provides about double the Reference Daily Intake (RDI) for vitamin C. It is almost twice the amount you would get from eating an orange Vitamin C plays an essential role in maintaining a healthy immune system. Although it’s not proven to prevent the common cold, Vitamin C has been shown to reduce a cold’s duration. It’s also linked to antimicrobial benefits. It means that it helps kill off harmful bacteria and viruses that can lead to infections. Because vitamin C can easily be removed from your body, it’s essential to get enough through your diet regularly.

Note Guavas are one of the most valuable food sources of vitamin C. Maintaining sufficient levels of this vitamin is vital in protecting against illness and infections.


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