Learn about these 5 yoga for stomach problem

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Learn About This 5 Yoga for Stomach Problems

Posted on Mar 17, 2022
Learn About This 5 Yoga for Stomach Problems
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5 Best Stomach Cleaning yoga to Get relief From Stomach Problems

Today we are here to know about the best yoga practices for stomach problems and cleaning. Actually, our intestine resembles like a conch (Sankha) that has curves inside. The word prakshalana means to wash. Laghu sankha prakshalana is a short but thorough cleansing technique of the entire alimentary tract. It involves the use of saline water and the practice of five asanas. It is done in a clean place in the early morning time on an empty stomach.

Preparation of Water

Take six glasses water of clean water and add two teaspoons of rock salt (sendha namak). Ster the water to dilute the salt. Make the water lukewarm (46°C)



Drink two glasses of lukewarm saline water in kagasana (Squatting position) as quickly as you can. Now perform the five asanas in sequence, five times from each side as mentioned below. This makes one round of practice. Repeat the same procedure two more rounds. Now go to the toilet. The movement of the bowel should be natural, therefore, do not force or strain to empty the bowel. If you don't have a movement, it will come later. Once the pressure has built up, the stool and finally all the water that you have drunk will be evacuated.


After the Practice

After completing the practice, rest in Shavasana for forty-five minutes. Do not sleep during this period. After some time eat a sufficient quantity of khichri made from rice, mung dal (green gram), and a little turmeric. A little cow's ghee can be added to this but completely avoid the use of salt and spices in the preparation of khichari. No other food or drink is permitted in any other form. A good amount of water must be taken in the afternoon.



People suffering from weakness, ulcer, hernia, heart disease, blood pressure high or low, epilepsy, kidney failure, vertigo, piles or fever should avoid this practice. It should not be undertaken by females during their menstrual period and also during pregnancy.



The practice can be done once in a month or as suggested by the Yoga Teacher

Sequence and Technique of the Asana

Tadasana benefits in hindi

1- Tadasana

Tadasana yoga is beneficial for the strong digestive system, cleaning of the stomach, and getting rid of other stomach problems. To do this stand erect and interlock the fingers, While inhaling, stand on the toes and simultaneously raise the arms above the head. While Exhaling, lower the arms and bring the heels down. Do this practice 10 times.

triyanka tadasana benefits for stomach broblems

2- Triyanka Tadasana

Triyanka Tadasana yoga gives relief from constipation and all stomach problems. To do this Stand erect, keep the legs apart, interlock the fingers and raise the hands up above the head with palms facing up. While exhaling, bend laterally. While inhaling, return to the starting position. Repeat it on the opposite side. Do this practice fove times on each side. Doing this yoga gives relief from constipation and all stomach problems.

Kati chakrasana benefits for stomach problems

3- Kati Chakrasana

If this asana is done daily, then many stomach problems can be got rid of. It also gets rid of constipation and gas problems. To do this, stand erect and keep the legs apart. Stretch the arms at shoulder level and while exhaling, twist the upper part of the body towards the right keeping left palm over right shoulder, and wrap the right arm around the trunk. While inhaling, turn in front. Repeat this on the opposite side by changing the position of hands. Do this asana five times on each side.

Triyanka Bhujangasana benefits in hindi

4- Triyanka Bhujangasana

Lie down in a prone position. Place the hand in the side of the chest and keep the legs apart. While inhaling, raise the head, chest, and abdomen. While exhaling, twist to the right side from the waist and look to the left heel. While inhaling, turn the body in front, and while exhaling bring the body down. Repeat the practice on the left side in the same way. Do this practice five times on each side.

Udarakarshanasana benefits in hindi

5- Udarakarshanasana

Stomach-related problems like constipation and digestion are solved by doing Udarkarshan asana regularly. To do this, sit in the Squatting position and keep the palms on the respective knees. While exhaling, lower the right knee and bring it near the left foot. Slowly turn your upper body towards the left side. While inhaling, turn in front and slowly come to a squatting position. Repeat in the same way on the other side. Do this practice five times on each side.

If this practice is not possible, then bend the right leg and hold the shin bone. While exhaling, press the abdomen with the thigh and turn your head on the right side. Repeat the practice on the other side.

Benefits of these Yoga Asanas

This cleansing practice removes the blockage and impurities from the GI tract and regulates the function of the stomach, small intestine, and colon. It is very effective for people suffering from chronic constipation, flatulence, and other abdominal disorders including indigestion. It helps to remove lethargy and heaviness and makes one feel lighter and more energetic. It is very useful to practice in the management of asthma, diabetes and ailments related to impure blood such as the excessive occurrence of boils and pimples. It is also beneficial for the health of kidneys and urinary systems as it prevents the occurrence of infections.

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