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Women Want Men to Know About These Things in Bed

Posted on Sep 30, 2021
Women Want Men to Know About These Things in Bed
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Every girl has needs. And when she's in the bedroom, she can be a sexy vixen or a sultry siren. But it's not a one-sided game, my friend. Every girl wants her man to do a few things for her, too, especially in bed.  We are sure our feelings are shared equally.

Non-verbal signs are Equally Important

Sadly, lots of men don't know how to harmonize with their female lovers. We have heard stories repeatedly about how men are just not reacting to the signals that women give. Learn to be a responsive, tuned-in partner, and you will gain thorough appreciation from your partner(s). Besides oral expression, please pay consideration to their bodily signs (moaning, heavier breathing, increased lubrication) and do more of that. 

To cite the famous campaign, "consent is sexy."

Foreplay is Compulsory

While few men may think sex is essentially about penetration, a woman needs foreplay and after play. "If a guy turns over and dozes off, a woman will often think abandoned," Also worth remarking: "A woman wants the foreplay to start way before the act of coition, with flirting, texts with sexual hints, and more to cook her up." Sex for a woman is not just sex; it's a physical and emotional impression of feeling wanted.

Don't Ignore Main Hot-Spots

Women want their men to travel her inside and out with their fingers and make it an adventure for them. 'Let's see if I can find your G-spot,' for example, a mutual exploration for the couple. Be sure to caress with and kiss, ignored erogenous zones like her inner thigh, ear, and even her lower back.

Dirty talk

Women want to feel desired. They want to know they are turning you on and how. They want to feel hot, expected, appreciated, and admired. Personal choices vary (dirty, descriptive, romantic), but try out different varieties to see what excites your partner's best reply. 

Play with Clitoral Area

Yes, guys, women fancy more of it. Some women like it with a finger (or three) in her ass or vagina at the similarly time. You can [also] try intense sucking, teasing with your tongue, or using your nose and forehead for pressure on the clitoral area. Try various amounts of pressure, rhythms, and duration of time to understand what she likes strongly. For many women, direct touch on the clitoris can be too intense, although they may like balanced pressure on the clitoral stem.

Celebrate Her

A woman requires be sensually stroking and touching, not grabbing. "A woman wants to see devotion for her in her man's eyes." If a woman feels like your only purpose in bed is to give her orgasm, she may believe like your sport has more to do with your ego than anything else.

Remind Her How Pretty She Is

It's more than just when you are naked. Try for no purpose at all, saying, "You're beautiful!" We all have one slogan in common that we can never listen to enough, and that's, 'you're so beautiful!'" 

Buy Sexy Lingerie 

Women like surprises, particularly the sensual kind. Surprising your girlfriend or wife with something that shows you care about her while also pointing how sexy you believe she can gain you significant points—some ideas ahead lingerie: knee-high socks, a silk robe, or a lacy nightgown. When a woman knows you bought something for her while believing how hot she'd look in it, it may excite her to be a little more courageous next time she finds herself buying for naughty under things. Or, try gifting her a sensual shared activity like a couples massage or passes to hot yoga to check out together.

Pay Attention to Everything

A woman wants to recognize a guy is going out of his way for her. It could be a little ring he picked up because she was on his remembrance or a bouquet he took the time to arrange. When a guy shows he cares, a woman's body will be putty in his hands. Showing that you're a caring listener is also essential. A woman needs to know a man is genuinely listening to what she's saying. Listening proves a woman is important enough to a guy to want to know what's on her mind.

Here is the list of the rest important things that every woman wants in bed from her men

  • Cuddling. Especially after sex is a necessity.
  • Talking dirty works well.
  • Say her name. Yes, they like hearing it, especially in bed.
  • Go slow. There is no rush unless it’s a quickie.
  • A little bit of role-playing hurt nobody, correct?
  • Smell good. Yes, sweaty is hot. But they love it when you smell good.
  • Take control. They still find that hot in bed.
  • Tease.  Can’t help but admit that they like it.
  • Last longer. Or at least try to.
  • Satisfy them. Just because you are done does not mean it's over.

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