Men Secretly Want Women to do This in Bed

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Top Sex Secrets That Drive Men Wild

Posted on Apr 19, 2021
Top Sex Secrets That Drive Men Wild
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Men share sex secrets that make them wild. They may be mere things that women do almost unintentionally, but they are effective enough to have men go up in a haze, not literally!  When it reaches sex and foreplay, men believe uniquely and so do women. What may work for the goose may not significantly work for the gander. To have sex that is magnificent, remarkable, and completely au simple for both, men let women toward their enigmatic fantasies!


Act: Moan your man's name throughout the session.

Impact: It can set up the heat!


Act: Fake not to desire to make out. Keep your lips shut and clench your legs together.

Impact: Once he sees that you are not kissing him back, he will understand you are up to something. His kiss will become excitable as he will try to force your lips open. Fighting for it brings on a stimulating primal sense in men.


Act: Climb into bed seeming very innocent, then do remarkably nasty acts.

Impact: Looking pure and being naughty is an exciting blend and every man's desire.


Act: When your man bends forward to kiss you, hold the back of his neck in your palms.

Impact: It’s a delicate move and will take your bodies closer to each other.


Act: Caress your man's chest frequently.

Impact: It's added erogenous place. Seduce your partner with light, light kisses to get the flame burning.

Act: A woman sliding her lips on the mouth of a bottle, whether its water or some drink.

Impact: The sensual feel of her lips on the bottle makes men go shaky in the knees, and their imagination goes away with them, craving those lips were on them.


Act: Have lots of white tees. Wear them while working with watering the garden, cleaning the dishes and more.

Impact: See-through, wet costumes are a real turn-on for men, and they can't wait to remove them off you.


 Act: While out shopping, take him along with the clothes you want to try on into the changing room, particularly if you are getting lingerie.

Impact: He'll love you for imagining on your feet!


 Act: Do yoga and let your man guard.

Impact: It can be the most sensual form of foreplay without touching each other.


Act: Kiss the patch of skin in front of his ears.

Impact: It's an erogenous zone, and he will quickly beg you for more.

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