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Benefits of Camphor (Kapur)

Posted on 1st March 2021 | By AR Ayurveda

​​What is Edible Camphor? 

Camphor, also recognized as Kapur in Hindi, has long been recommended as a healing element in India. There are two types of it edible camphor and synthetic camphor. It is produced by extracting the wood and skin of the Camphor or Kapur tree. Camphor is used in room fresheners, essential oils, and religious services as even its fragrance can undoubtedly influence our health. Edible camphor has also long been a part of India's culinary history. Particularly in some South Indian cities and in some sweets made with cottage cheese in Bihar, many heritage recipes use edible camphor as an ingredient and for all valid reasons. Edible camphor is filled with wholesome properties for the body. 

Natural Libido Booster

Here are the many benefits of edible camphor and how to include it in your diet:

Averts Obesity

Inadequate diet and lifestyle decisions are some of the most notable contributors to weight gain. They weaken the digestive system and improve waste collection in the body that eventually leads to weight gain. Edible camphor stimulates the digestive system and eliminates the stored toxins from the body. It also has a scraping quality, and it assists reduce excess fat storage and thus averting obesity.

Promotes Libido

Edible camphor is a turn-on and can play a certain role in increasing one's libido by inflaming the brain's regions that regulate sexual behavior and desires. Solely inhaling the camphor can also give these benefits. It is a great stimulator of hormones for both men and women.

Saves From Cough & Cold

Edible camphor has expectorant properties that discharge the slime from the lungs and allow decongested breathing. It is capable of removing the mucus efficiently, even in the presence of the cold quality. It opens the nasal door to allow precise airflow. People who are aching from a bad cough can also find support by using edible camphor. 

Natural Weight Maintenance

Aids Metabolism

Edible camphor has appetizing and digestive properties. Therefore, it develops a low digestive fire's health, one of the prime reasons for indigestion. It can also solve concerns such as gastroenteritis and diarrhea. People who frequently suffer from gastric problems can also find relief after utilizing edible camphor. However, it is also necessary to finish it in moderation.

Aids with Nerve Dysfunctions

Limited and controlled edible camphor eating can adequately treat various severe health concerns such as muscular contraction, convulsions, nervous disorders, and epilepsy. However, people who suffer from these difficulties should consume camphor only after proper consultation with their doctor.

Sexual Wellness Herb

​What to Learn While Consuming Edible Camphor?

Do not mix synthetic camphor with edible camphor. Simply include edible camphor to your nutrition after consulting with your healthcare professional. Consuming more than the suggested amount of camphor can generate various digestive problems, including nausea, vomiting, and indigestion. Also, do not replace edible camphor as the only cure for any underlying health condition.


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