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Home Product   B Grow Powder- Ayurvedic weight gain Powder for Female

B Grow Powder- Ayurvedic Weight Gain Powder For Female

Weight Gain


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Ayurvedic Weight Gain Powder 

Net Weight :- 200 gms 

Course Duration:- 30 Days

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B-Grow Powder: Best Ayurvedic Weight Gain Powder for Female

बी-ग्रो पाउडर प्राकृतिक जड़ीबूटियों के मिश्रण से बना हुआ एक आयुर्वेदिक उत्पाद है। यह जड़ीबूटिया महिला बॉडी संरचना को आकर्षक आकार और फिगर देने में मदद करती है। इसमें अश्वगंधा, विदारी, शतावरी, मिसरी, यस्ति, गंभारी घाना, रस्ती, कमलगट्टा आदि जैसी उपयोगी जड़ीबूटिया समाविष्ट है। ये प्राकृतिक जड़ी बूटियां शरीर के लूज़ कोशिकाओं को एक्टिव करती है, मांशपेशियों का विकास करने में मदद करती है। यह महिला हार्मोनल प्रणाली और सम्पूर्ण शरीर को संतुलित करती है। जिसके फलस्वरूप फिगर आकर्षक और खूबसूरत दिखता है।

B-Grow Powder is an Ayurvedic product made from a blend of natural herbs. This herb helps to provide attractive shape and figure to the female body structure. It contains useful herbs like Ashwagandha, Vidari, Shatavari, Misri, Yasti, Gambhari Ghana, Rasti, Kamalgatta, etc. These natural herbs make active the loose cells of the body and helping to develop body shape. It balances the female hormonal system and growth the entire body. As a result, the figure looks attractive and beautiful..

Ratings & Reviews


797 Ratings & 180 Review

Hardi Chauhan

28th February 2021 | Verified Buyer

B-Grow Ayurvedic Powder increases weight and keeps the body fit.


Garima Shah

28th February 2021 | Verified Buyer

The best Ayurvedic powder is to increase weight and keep your body healthy.


Renuka Bhatt

27th February 2021 | Verified Buyer



Ayushi Makwana

25th February 2021 | Verified Buyer

वजन बढ़िया हो रहा हे मेरा,बी-ग्रो पाउडर से



25th February 2021 | Verified Buyer

My weight is getting better with B-Grow powder, if you want to increase your weight then use B-Grow itself, which has made a lot of difference.



23rd February 2021 | Verified Buyer

Good Ayurvedic approach


Karishma Jani

20th February 2021 | Verified Buyer

Take B-Grow powder and increase weight easily


Helly Sanghavi

20th February 2021 | Verified Buyer

बी-ग्रो से रिजल्ट अच्छा दिख रहा हे मुझे , आयुर्वेदिक तरीके से मुझे , आपको भी वजन बढाना है तो ये आयुर्वेदिक पाउडर का उपयोग कीजिये


Pinkal Gupta

19th February 2021 | Verified Buyer

B-Grow is the best product for weight gain.



19th February 2021 | Verified Buyer

Badhiya Hai, Ayurvedic Weight Gain Powder


Ashwagandha has antioxides, helps with Hypolipidaemic, Hypoglycaemic activities, reduces stress, and anxiety help body gain weight.


Shatavari strengthens digestive power and increases weight rapidly.

Vidari Kand:

Vidari contains a fair amount of carbohydrates and protein which makes the body energetic and powerful.

Jeevanti Ghana:

It provides minerals, vitamins, and other valuable nutrients. This herb helps to increase and maintain the body's strength to fight against various diseases.


Yasti has demulsant properties, which help in reducing stomach problems and increases appetite. Its intake can be beneficial for gastrointestinal health.

Gambhari Ghana:

It helps eliminate the stomach related problems and develops body shape. Women can get an attractive figure with its help.

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Q: For how many months should I take this?? After I stop having it..will the weight reduce again? Meena

A: The course presented is for 3 months. B-Grow powder fulfills the deficiency of sapt metal and vitamins in your body in 3 months, so after completing the course, you will continue to develop plenty of metal and you will not be thin.


Q: Kitne mahine ka course karna padega?? Farheen

A: B-Grow ka course 3 mhaine ke liye hota he or 1 mahine ke course ke bad high calorie food or niyamit yoga ki dincharya ke stah parinam dikhna shuru ho jayega.


Q: Its totally safe or not? Kiran

A: B-Grow 100% natual ayurvedic jadibutiyo se banayi gai he isliye iska koi side effect nahi he.


Q: I want this product to grow weight?? Nirali

A: Yes, you can buy this product from our website.


Q: Can we mix in milk and Drink??? Mohini

A: Yes.