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Answer: India’s traditional, natural system of medicine that has been practiced for more than 5,000 years. Much before allopathy and homeopathy, an ancient science called Ayurveda arose. Ayurveda is the science of healing with herbs, fruits and minerals from nature’s bounty. The word “Ayu” means all aspects of life from birth to death. The word “Veda” means knowledge or learning. Hence Ayurveda indicates the science by which life in its totality is understood. It is one of the oldest scientific medical systems in the world.
Answer: Modern medicine utilizes some of Ayurveda's healing therapies for one main reason – they are effective. Ayurveda is based solely on natural therapeutic methods and one of the main purposes of Ayurveda is preventing the diseases from appearing in our body.
Answer: we have our own production facility where we prepare all ayurvedic medicians formulations. All our formulations are FDA approved and our facility is ISO 9001 & GMP certified and goverment of india and Ayush Deptt.. Thus, we adhere by the highest quality standards.
Answer: In our ayurvedic medicine we have used only ayurvedic ingredients so our products are 100% herbal and safe. highly-quality extracts used & no side effects.
Answer: Horse Fire Tablet and Shilajit Capsules would be beneficial for you. The both products are beneficial for men.
Answer: 1)Increased sexual performance and strength 2)Mardana comes strength, semen becomes thick 3)Metal diseases will be treated with root 4)Increase the time period of having sex 5)Help stop premature ejaculation 6)Enjoy more exciting sex life 7)This increases the desire for sex.
Answer: A R Ayurveda is provides several ayurvedic medicine for girls & women which is solve many types of problem of girls and womens like Kamni Capsules, B-Grow Powder, Body Care
Answer: Ashwashakti powder is such a mixture of Ayurvedic herbs that provide proper nutrition to the seven metals in the body. Which makes the body healthy and spowerfull. Ashwashakti powder helps you to gain weight naturally. Increases blood resistance improves strength. It increases muscle growth and strengthens bones. If you want to build a healthy body then Ashwashakti powder will help you a lot.
Answer: D-Care Granules are Ayurvedic Blood Sugar Control Supplements,It’s the best and safest option to keep it under control with no harmful-effects. D-Care Granules is one of them; it will help you control the excessive glucose level in the blood with no side-effects at all. These Ayurvedic Herbs For Diabetes are proved to be the perfect diabetes management aid since ages. D-Care is the best, ayurvedic granules for diabetic patients which helps them to control sugar naturally.
Answer: Ayurvedic products affects within 8-15 days depending upon your present health condition.